Activity Group 1: Looking Exercises

Looking Exercises

1. As you look, write down at least five to seven observations for each artwork, considering color, shape, and form. What do you notice? No detail is too small.

2. Take a few moments to focus. freewrite from the observations you wrote down, thinking about the associations and ideas that the artwork inspires. Allow this part to be messy—don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Instead, focus on exploring and generating new ideas.

3. Now look at the images again. Read the quote included in the image captions above, or alongside the images on this PDF here. The quotes are taken from texts that the artists jammed with while creating the artwork. You can read the quote aloud or quietly, and take note of the words that stand out to you as either important or confusing. It is always good practice to look up unknown words in the dictionary. Finally, write down a paraphrase of the text—that is, state what you think it says in your own words.

4. How do your observations of the artwork and the quote relate to one another? What connections do you see? What differences do you see?

5. In writing, think about how K.O.S. uses form, image, shape, color, and other elements to respond and/or comment on the text. What elements does the artwork emphasize? Why might this be important?


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