Activity Group 2: The Sea: Connection, Communication, Transformation

This series of activities provides an opportunity for us to think about the role of the sea in Weiner's work. We ask you to consider: How do words call attention and transform our relationship to a place? How does a place transform our interaction with words? Activities focus on two Weiner artworks, “PLACED ON THE TIP OF A WAVE” and “AN OBJECT TOSSED FROM ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER”.

As a former sailor and someone who lives part-time on a houseboat, Weiner’s work with language often recalls the sea in some fashion. We invite you to think through what this theme puts into question or calls to mind. Is the sea a space of connection, bringing countries and people together? Is the sea a vulnerable or dangerous space, one that puts people in harm’s way? Or is it neither, being a space of transition, flux, and change?

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One (Kids)

Illustrate or draw out Weiner’s artwork “AN OBJECT TOSSED FROM ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER” on a piece of paper.

When you read this phrase or have someone read it to you, what do you see? Create that picture or image: you are welcome to draw, collage, or use other media.

Two (Kids)

You are “PLACED ON THE TIP OF A WAVE”. Now finish this story.

Where is the wave? Develop the setting (time and place). Where do you go on the wave? What do you see from it? Do you stay on the wave or do you eventually get off of it? If you do get off of it, where do you end up?

Be creative! Be imaginative!


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